About River Valley

We're proud to bring you a fresh new take on a dispensary. Stay tuned!

RVR Team Members

Natalie River Valley Remedies

Natalie is hoping to redefine the way the world sees cannabis. She is passionate about herbal plant medicine and is working hard facilitating workshops to help de-stigmatize the stereotypes involving weed and educate the public on the healing properties of the full spectrum of this wonderful plant.

Marketing Guru
Makaya River Valley Remedies

Makaya is a locally grown recreation enthusiast. Always looking for new toys and technology, he is super excited about Oregon's budding new industry. Not to be forgotten, he's also a fine juggler.

Cannabis Aficionado
Chris River Valley Remedies

Chris has been a resident of Eugene for 16 years and has been working in the industry for over 2. He enjoys consuming, working with, and discussing all things cannabis. His preferred method is dabbing because he believes extracts and concentrates are the best way to get the full experience of cannabis.

Extract Enthusiast

Kyler River Valley Remedies

It is Kyler's hope that as cannabis becomes more widely accepted, all of us will start to throw more aspects of our lives into question. He wishes to meet less things with bias or condemnation, and more things with compassion and understanding.

Community & Event Coordinator
Ellie River Valley Remedies

Ellie is an avid lover of plants and animals. She focuses on healing through a harmonious relationship with nature. A student of earth, she has a vast knowledge of medicinal herbs as well as an unmistakable way with horses.

Folkoric Herbalist & Horse Fanatic
Carly River Valley Remedies

Carly is a cannabis enthusiast; recreationally and medically. She strongly believes in all aspects of the herb.

Kush Queen